CORE Filtration represents the following companies:

Franklin Products Inc.

Newark Wire Cloth Co.

Filtrox North America

Franklin Products Inc.

Franklin Products
  • Customized fabrication of a wide range of industrial filtration and screening materials
  • Knowledgable application engineers
  • Outstanding service
  • Economical prices
Franklin Products Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filters

  • Pharmaceutical Grade units
  • Retentions to 0.1 mic liquid
  • Retentions to .003 mic air
  • Membrane and depth style
  • Disposable capsules for lab and pilot plant
Franklin Products Cartridge Filter

Fabric Filters for all wet and dry applications:

  • Pressure leaf and filter press cloths
  • Vacuum drum and belt filters
  • Candle Filter elements
  • Dust bags and pleated elements
  • Strainer bags
Franklin Products Fluid Bed Dryer Bag

Fluid bed Dryer Bags

Franklin Products can provide all sizes, configurations and materials for your pharmaceutical drying, granulating and coating applications. We have a full range of conductive and standard products with retentions down to 3 micron. Bags for Glatt, Niro, Fluid Air, Vector, Alliance and all other units.

Franklin Products provides high quality filter bags to major pharmaceutical companies throught the US, Puerto Rico and Canada. Core Filtration offers on site consultative service for the design of your bags to maximize fit, retention and wear for the optimum service life and value. Let our team improve your fluid bed operations.

Newark Wire Cloth

Newark Wire Cloth Co. provides roll goods and fabricated parts in woven wire and perforated metal. Large inventories and dedicated looms allow for high quality products at competitive prices. Specializing in critical applications like Pharmaceutrical, Food, Aerospace and Automotive, Newark can supply the most critical parts required for your demanding applications.

Newark Wire Cloth Sanitary Strainers

Sanitary Strainers

For dairy, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other high quality process applications.

  • Line sizes from 1" to 6"
  • Rated up to 250 psi at 300F
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel, polished to 3A sanitary standards
  • Designed to utilize standard piping - flanged, IPS line connections, acme threads or clamped connections
  • Micron filter cloth provides filter retention down to one micron, nominal
  • Duplex designs available
  • Baskets withstand full line pressure
  • Quick opening clamped cover for fast basket maintenance
  • Available in Styles I, R, and S
Newark Wire Cloth Calibrated Test Sieves

Calibrated Test Sieves

Made with US Sieve certified wire cloth.

Sieves are available in soldered or FDA compliant adhesive constructions. Newark Superla Sieves offer the most hygienic construction for your test sieves. Cleaner by design, Superla Sieves are all 316 SS construction.

  • Autoclavable
  • FDA Compliant, USP Class VI
  • Certification reports available
  • Heavy Duty construction for long life
  • Polished frame-inside and out
  • Sieves can be recertified
  • Available in all standard sizes
Newark Wire Cloth Fabricated Screens & Sieves

Fabricated Screens & Sieves

For Food and Pharmaceutical Applications:

  • Screens for Oscillators, Granulators, Mills
  • Inline strainers and screens
  • Bowl Screens for Fluid Bed Dryers

For Industrial Applications:

  • Wire Cloth baskets for Plating, Degreasing or Heat Treating
  • Conical Line Strainer
  • Woven Wire or Perforated Metal Parts

Filtrox North America

Filtrox Filter Vessels

Filtrox Filter Vessels

Discstar & Discstar PV

  • Complete line of vessels for stacked disc applications
  • Ideal for Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Chemical polishing
  • Large filter area in a small footprint
  • High capacity depth filtration without leakage
Filtrox Sheet Filter

Filtrox Sheet Filter

Novox Presses from 200-1200mm

  • All Stainless Steel construction
  • Ideally suited for beverage, biopharm and pharmaceutical applications
  • Standard polishing or precoat filtration
  • Heavy duty, quality construction for 24/7 usage
Filtrox Precoat Candle Filters

Precoat Candle Filters

Synox PF and Secujet

  • The Quality name in filtration of beverages and other sensitive liquids
  • High reliability-low operating costs
  • Patented STABOX candles for long, care free life
  • Lower cost compared to horizntal leaf precoat filters
Filtrox Modules FA DO Filtrox Filter Pads

Filter Media and Cartridges

Filtrox offers a full range of cellulose based pads and lenticular cartridges. From coarse filtration to sterilizing grades, Filtrox has the right media for any polishing application. Now available in carbon filled sheets for color, taste and impurity removal.

Designed for use with Filtrox equipment or to retrofit with any other type of vessel or filter press. Large inventories of a wide range of grades are available for immediate delivery. Special stocking arrangements can be developed to insure timely delivery and economical inventory control.

Now representing the Carlson Line of products geared to the Beverage market. Well known for supplying the wine and beer industries for over 100 years, Core Filtration is proud to be the Northeast representative of this division of Filtrox.